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Lost in the talk of technology and reality of a digital-first world comes a stark reality: Being good at digital will require different competencies than your traditional B2B business. New tools, people, processes and change (lots of it). For many, the ambition is real, the journey undefined. 

We’ve guided many manufacturers and distributors along the path to digital leadership in their respective community—and look forward to doing the same for your company…

The Future of B2B: B2B Merchandiser®

Is your B2B Store achieving anywhere near the growth you desire? Truth is, whether newly launched or more mature most B2B stores hold FAR more potential than they’re currently achieving.

But what is possible and how can your B2B store achieve it? Based on successful eTailer-modified-for-B2B best practices, B2B Merchandising framework is your company’s fastest path to:

  • Creating greater adoption and engagement from current customers
  • Developing organizational disciplines that perpetuate eCommerce growth
  • Building greater customer experience, loyalty and customer lifetime value
  • Much, much more…

This exclusive methodology is your path to greater, faster profits from your eCommerce store.  Don’t miss out on your chance to get started right away.

Challenges Growing B2B Store Revenue

Digital Commerce (DCS) for Manufacturers

For manufacturers, digital transformation isn’t just about operations. Digital commerce allows manufacturer to improve customer experience, create better pull-through with traditional partnerss and explore new, beneficial channels–including eCommerce, marketplaces and more.

Distributors: The Digital Branch

B2B-Squared is the exclusive licensed consulting partner for the XES Commerce System. As featured in Justin King’s Digital Branch Secrets, the XES system has helped nearly 100 traditional distributors launch and grow their digital business. 

Find out how these foundational principles can help your traditional distribution company start & grow eCommerce revenue.

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From thought-leadership to helping create eCommerce content programs to working with members we’ve been involved with a number of B2B organizations. Here are just a few…

"(They have) a vast knowledge of digital, B2B eCommerce operations and strategy...This project could (not have achieved) the success we currently have without B2B-Squared at the helm of this project."

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