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SKU Factory

Perpetual Product Data Enrichment at a Fraction of the Cost

There’s little question good product data is one of the most critical components of your website. But the simple truth is, building, maintaining and storing your eCommerce data is a complex and time-consuming pursuit that’s hard to bring in-house and expensive to out-source. There is no end, only continual improvement. Truth is, what your B2B store needs is a product data factory. A SKU Factory.

The SKU Factory is the world’s first eDaaS (eCommerce Data-as-a-Service), designed to keep your product data moving forward. We help…Find and enrich the highest value SKUs for your B2B store; Define requirements; Provide project management; Prep the data for your eCommerce (and other) channels; and Store and update the data. All at a fraction the cost of traditional vendors and services.

With the SKU Factory, your site benefits from improved customer experience, higher conversions and more revenue without burdening your internal team or paying for expensive training or software.

What is eCommerce Data-as-a-Service®?

No PIM Required

In most cases, The SKU Factory builds and maintains your product data program without need for your company to acquire or implement a PIM platform. Should PIM be required, we can help with that too!

Powered by AI

We leverage AI to increase the quality of your product data while gaining efficiency in what used to be manual, time-intensive processes. The result is high-quality, cost-effective product data across (potentially) large number of SKUs.

Increase Scale & Velocity

There are many impediments to building a content programs—expertise, bandwidth, traditional expense. SKU Factory provides the most cost-effective method of enriching and adding SKUs while your team stays focused on internal priorities.

Challenges Growing B2B Store Revenue

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Case Study: Industrial Distributor Enriches Product Data. Fast.

For this fast-growing Midwestern distributor of industrial supplies and tooling, time was of the essence and they needed more and better product data…FAST!


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