SKU Factory

Case Study

Distributor Accelerates Product Enrichment

Zengers Industrial is a fast-growing distributor of metalworking and other industrial and automation tools, based in the Chicago area. While the company had launched an eCommerce store on the NetSuite platform in early 2022, the store needed some real upgrades before actively promoting to customers.


Zengers Industrial


Spring/Summer 2023

Project type

SKU Factory Product Enrichment


Enriched SKUs

Including titles, descriptions and other content.

Over 50k

Product Images

Manufacturer images from data repository.


Added Product Attributes

Filtering and attributes added for numerous categories in metalworking, sanding and other categories.


While Zengers had real intention to grow eCommerce, the product data in the store had been built almost entirely from supplier pricing data. Like many distributors, the company runs ‘lean-and-mean’ in IT and bandwidth for new, complex projects can be challenging. Realizing its B2B customers expect an Amazon experience, Zengers sought to upgrade the quality of the data in the store. As a member of Affiliated Distributors, the company had access to quality product data but didn’t have an existing process for leveraging the data available.

Once engaged, B2B-Squared identified the following over-riding issues:

  • Inconsistencies in product category associations and taxonomy
  • Very few products with images
  • No attribute data for complex product categories (ie, CNC tooling)
  • Key suppliers, categories and SKUs not included in the store
  • Zengers eCommerce platform had additional complexities related to product data imports


B2B-Squared leveraged the SKU Factory program to:
– Identify high-value SKUs, suppliers and categories
– Establish project management discipline and accountabilities
– Build a multi-phased approach to enriching current product data and growing product catalog over time
– Migrate Zengers product data to a new taxonomy
– Utilize AI for purpose of streamlining processes and improving listings, attributes and other data fields
– Leverage product attributes to create faceted search in categories it didn’t previously didn’t exist
All told, the company enriched over 53,000 SKUs in a few months with opportunity to add 100s of thousands of SKUs over the coming months.

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