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We don’t just employ best practices, we’re defining them. With an unbridled passion for B2B, we help manufacturers and distributors start, build and grow the fastest-growing, highest-margin customer-facing digital programs in their market spaces.

With decades of marketing, channel strategy and digital experience, we don’t just get B2B. We ARE B2B.

We’re part of industry groups, speak at conferences and provide thought-leadership where possible.  We’ve worked with some of the biggest B2B brands, been part of consequential digital projects and have simplified the process for many.

Where we’ve been and what we’ve learned is entirely directed to solving the next problem for our clients. So, what problem can we help you solve today? 


We’ve built frameworks to help distributors & manufacturers launch and grow digital programs. Fast!

Flywheel® Marketing Automation

The industry’s only B2B marketing automation platform

SKU Factory®

Simplified product data enrichment for eCommerce

How can we help?

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From thought-leadership to helping create eCommerce content programs to working with members we’ve been involved with a number of B2B organizations. Here are just a few…


We're thankful to have worked with many great B2B brands,
here are just a few...

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We’ve partnered with cutting edge tools and platforms to deliver one-of-a-kind solutions
to build your B2B store.


From eCommerce, PIM and CMS platforms to Search, DXP and CDP, we’ve helped clients objectively evaluate a number of software platforms and partners—including these and more …

"(They have) a vast knowledge of digital, B2B eCommerce operations and strategy...This project could (not have achieved) the success we currently have without B2B-Squared at the helm of this project."

Jay Rausenberger

Ecommerce Strategy Manager, Danone