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With all the talk of digital transformation, let’s be honest, the fight isn’t exactly fair. For one thing, information is scarce, there’s no detailed, step-by-step playbook to be followed. And, the stakes get higher with every investment in technology or projects. 

Meanwhile, your customers just want better and easier. 

Who Represents You?

While the path for many B2B companies is littered with challenges, risks and cautionary tales, we’re in this for you. With the right plan, proven processes and the proper tools, digital leadership is not just an objective but reality.

No matter where you are on the journey, we’ve been there–as practitioner and advisor. With decades of leadership in B2B, technology, digital projects and marketing, we know the path from where you are to where you want to be. 

Who we are...

Your Advocate

We’re not ‘wolf-in-sheeps-clothing’ vendor offering ‘assistance’. Our motives are clear: We are YOUR advocate, providing an uncompromised, objective perspective and plan. We provide tools and expertise in a technology-agnostic manner, working with your team to implement tools and technology that truly move the meter.


With understanding of where the market has been…and where it’s going, we’ve built industry-defining frameworks and tools–like the first marketing automation platform built for B2B (Flywheel B2B), the world’s first eCommerce-Data-as-a-Service (eDaaS) and with plans for much more…

Driven by Data

While ‘actionable data’, personalization and AI are the new buzzwords in the B2B digital space, we’ve been working with customer data for decades. We believe data drives customer experience and the overall trajectory of your digital business–which is why it’s the foundation of the solutions we provide. 



We’ve leveraged our intimate knolwedge of B2B and digital into one-of-a-kind services and platforms that help with the strategy, technology and technique behind starting and accelerating your digital business.

Strategy & Roadmap

Leveraging the same frameworks adopted by leading distributors and manufacturers, we work with your team to develop a winning, customized plan to achieve digital leadership.

Platform Selection

Digital platforms (eCom, PIM, CMS, etc.) are expensive to purchase, implement and support. Our time-proven process has helped B2B companies of all shape and size ensure they get it right!

Flywheel® B2B

Accelerate the growth of your B2B Store. Flywheel makes your data actionable, building campaigns that improve customer experience and increase the velocity of B2B store revenue.

B2B Merchandising

Have a B2B Store and wondering the best ways to grow it? Our B2B Merchandising® framework is the de facto standard for leveraging top B2B principles to enhance customer experience—and increase revenue velocity.

The SKU Factory

Most B2B companies need consistent, quality product data, delivered regularly. Thus the need for a SKU Factory®, the world’s first turn-key eCom-Data-as-as-Service (eDaaS) program

Fractional eCom Expertise

Sometimes you just need some expertise to fill in the gaps. We’ve helped top B2B companies, buying groups and more build successful digital platforms and would love to help your company as well.

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B2B Merchandising®: The Future of B2B

Is your B2B Store achieving anywhere near the growth you desire? Truth is, whether newly launched or more mature most B2B stores hold FAR more potential than they’re currently achieving.

But what is possible and how can your B2B store achieve it? Based on successful eTailer-modified-for-B2B best practices, B2B Merchandising framework is your company’s fastest path to:

  • Creating greater adoption and engagement from current customers
  • Developing organizational disciplines that perpetuate eCommerce growth
  • Building greater customer experience, loyalty and customer lifetime value
  • Much, much more…

This exclusive methodology is your path to greater, faster profits from your eCommerce store.  Don’t miss out on your chance to get started right away.

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The Digital Branch

B2B-Squared is the exclusive licensed consulting partner for the XES Commerce System. As featured in Justin King’s Digital Branch Secrets, the XES system has helped nearly 100 traditional distributors launch and grow their digital business. 

Find out how these foundational principles can help your traditional distribution company start & grow eCommerce revenue.

Digital Commerce (DCS) for Manufacturers

For manufacturers, digital transformation isn’t just about operations. Digital commerce allows manufacturer to improve customer experience, create better pull-through with traditional partnerss and explore new, beneficial channels–including eCommerce, marketplaces and more.


"(They have) a vast knowledge of digital, B2B eCommerce operations and strategy...This project could (not have achieved) the success we currently have without B2B-Squared at the helm of this project."

Jay Rausenberger

Ecommerce Strategy Manager, Danone